From Adventure to
Wellness, Experience it All

With our exclusive and personalized ELITE Experiences, we aim to offer our discerning guests a chance to truly connect with the local culture, nature, and wildlife of Costa Rica. Our carefully curated one-of-a-kind experiences are tailored to each guest’s unique interests and passions, ensuring that they return home with unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. 

Sports and Adventure

Experience thrilling adventure activities that are customized to your interests and put you in front of nature. Whether you enjoy surfing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, fishing, scuba diving on the coastline, or ziplining in the jungle, we will tailor your experience to your preferences. Get your adrenaline pumping while experiencing the natural beauty of the country in a personalized and luxurious way.

Wildlife and Nature Exploration

Experience a personalized adventure through Costa Rica’s lush jungle and forest landscapes to witness its diverse wildlife with the guidance of experienced professionals. Enjoy tailored birdwatching excursions, up-close encounters with crocodiles and sloths, or capture breathtaking aerial views through photographic airplane rides.

Cultural Immersion

Experience Costa Rica while giving back to the local community through supporting conservation efforts, education programs, and other initiatives that align with your values. Immerse yourself in the local culture through personalized experiences, such as indulging in traditional cuisine, visiting indigenous communities, and exploring historic landmarks.

Wellness and Mindfulness

Nourish your body, mind, and soul through personalized wellness experiences that cater to your individual needs. Enjoy beachside yoga and meditation, luxurious spa treatments, healthy cuisine courses, cacao ceremonies, sunset private picnics, and private dinners prepared by personal chefs. Take the time to relax and rejuvenate in a personalized and luxurious way, while enjoying the beauty of Costa Rica.

Regenerative Engagement 

Even though Costa Rica is a small country, it is home to more than 500,000 species of wildlife, which equals to 5% of the species on earth. At ELITE by Memorable Travel, we are dedicated to preserving and restoring the natural systems that support this biodiversity. Our commitment goes beyond sustainability. Through partnerships with NGOs and non-profits focused on regenerative practices, we actively contribute to the improvement of ecosystems. Join us in learning about and participating in these impactful practices during your stay, as we work towards a more sustainable and vibrant future for Costa Rica’s environment